Mixed Greens Preschool / Child Care


1725 Hoen Ave
Santa Rosa, CA, 95405
United States
38° 26' 28.6512" N, 122° 41' 36.1644" W
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daycare center > 5 children
Provides cloth diapers?: 
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heather black

Mixed Greens Preschool is wonderful and cloth-diaper friendly!

Mixed Greens is an amazing preschool! The teachers are passionate, intelligent, patient, and great with the kids. The playground is like a park with beautiful trees, a wonderful play structure, sandpit, toys and trucks galore. Using cloth diapers is very important to us and the staff were very accepting of our bringing cloth diapers there. Heather the director/owner is very caring and does a great job creating a sense of community amongst all the families who go there. Being a "green" preschool was the icing on the cake for us. I appreciated that my children learned about nature, enjoyed watching the garden grow and bloom, ate healthy food, and that they had a focus on keeping everyone healthy through good hygiene practices for the children. My older son required some special help and the teachers did a wonderful job adapting to his needs. My 2 sons loved it there and we were very, very sad when we moved out of state. I highly recommend Mixed Greens Preschool!

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