Denyse Leemon, Seedlings Child Care.


111 15th ave ne
Independence, IA, 50644
United States
42° 28' 8.3532" N, 91° 52' 34.7628" W
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child care provider < 5 children
Provides cloth diapers?: 
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Denyse Leemon

Denyse is DCP gold! I'm

Denyse is DCP gold! I'm pretty green around the edges & I couldn't be happier with her. She has been very respectful of my wishes for my son's care.

She has been cloth diapering my son since he first began going to her when he was 11 weeks old. She practices attachment parenting. She also makes her own baby food and is super supportive of breastfeeding. I often come in and feed my son during my lunch hour.

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